20 September 2009

reintroduce text


Warily creating a label, I suppose.

I am developing a personal vocabulary to talk about art work and my intent with it.

I feel like a child, starting at the beginning, even though I know at the core they are all just words. I want it to be clear, though, that the art has its own vocabulary that is worth more than words.

I wrote this recently and stuck it on the wall of my studio.

"Art is a religion. Religion is just a word."

I think that sums it up.

Here is my in progress brainstorm. So far there are only two categories in my vocabulary. Space. and... Portrait. These lists are not necessarily synonyms but they are synonymous in my head....See what I mean...

Space: installation, organization, "the bigger picture", systems, reactionary, primary, choice, society, objective, sterilized, balance, repetition, units, angular, simple, large scale, industrial, relatable, universal, formal, considered, cohesive, limited elements, rules, regulations, games, control, us, surface, body

Portrait: quiet, image, figure, personal, memory, feminine, organic, precious, relative, narrative, relationship, domestic, growth, familiar, individual, singular, focused, comfortable, humane, story, free-form, me, emotive, depth, mind, decoration, delicate, interaction, civilization, selfish, secondary, me

Similar: line, symbol, personality, medium, reality, purpose

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