27 May 2008



no jokes.

22 May 2008

strummin hummin


Ready to put growth and love in Philadelphia on hold.
Tell them all I just had to see about some past dreams.

17 May 2008

dizzy, my man.


anxiety and restlessness. slow down.and imagine what a year off would feel like. compared. two weeks. aviation. questions of home.

my man, my man.

wind from the 70s and everything went blue. da da.

14 May 2008

sheet music please


I'm thinkin' coffee. Black.

12 May 2008



What would a human look like if it were born with its parents' scars? What would that build up of generations look like?

Home sick? or anxious?

10 May 2008



Got told. Eyes widened. Feel fine. The ones you love became your home. Foundation constantly crumbles. Friends die out. Keep well.

Italia is waiting.

06 May 2008



It feels really natural. I was weaving all day yesterday. literally. Wake up, work, eat, work, laugh, dance, work, eat, watch a show, work, wash face, sleep.

I will be leaving all this the 31st.

01 May 2008

critique th


I am glad she kicks your ass. You know I won't. I just wanted you to join the fun. Someone else caught on. I guess your moon is sending you different tides. Unfortunate.

Ears are a popping. Forget about it. Call me out on it. If I complain...remind me why I did it. Do it. My biggest critics told me that creative persons just have to get the critics out of their heads in order to do anything. I hope they know I beat through this myself over this sophomore year. I deconstructed the world they created around me based off this idea. They just warranted everything I learned this year in one sentence. All the work I did means nothing against this realization. Funny, I knew it all already before I came here. I am ultimately just excited for the work to come. I get to do it on my terms without guilt or doubt. Why Bother? But then why not? Illusion. Seeing through the bull. To the honest flesh and minerals. Just a stuffed piece of fabric. Fibers. Ink. String. A message.