16 July 2007

weekend in Philly....Refreshing. yes.

As much as I don't have the support base with numbers by my side....the matter is that I belong in Philly right now. The good friends will come in time. It took 15+ years to get the ones I have here to the day...how could one expect anxious and flakey art school freshman to deliver.

09 July 2007


A day of drawing and sewing and reading and watching....these eyes are tired. These ears are not. It feels as though bubbles are popping on the surface of my brain. I have a new roll of film yet to be developed. Wait it out and you shall see the past two months through these ladies. For now they need to rest.

07 July 2007

Blasted Cubicles


This Corporate summer intern job. I swear. Sacrificing my physical health. I can manage it. It can be done. But, honestly, this is not how I am meant to live. Yes, fellow Reg CMC employees, I am a Fine art major and that choice was the correct one. This job was opportune. Just because I am not a Biology/Chem major doesn't mean it doesn't interest me. Your lifestyle, on the other hand, certainly doesn't appeal to me. Waking up at 5:30....Sitting all day....No windows. Sacrifice health for higher income. I'll live humble. But I'll adapt to this for now.