29 November 2009



Have been working on the interlocking word patterns and coming to a lot of great conclusions...connecting what I am doing artistically to the theories of physics and quantum mechanics.

It is really important to understand, and always keep in mind, the relationship between sensory experience and the individual.

My walls are breathing with words. Every time I look to my left, I see something "finished" that failed. It proves that even when you create the rules for your own games, you can end up at a dead end with lost control. In keeping with the scientific method and scientific experimentation, one can't always be right...even when all the factors, laws, and rules are laid down for you. The distraction stopped working after page 3. There are 40.


04 November 2009

the hunter gets captured by the game


I have finished what I have been calling Visual Puzzles...the third.

I think this one is getting at this idea of space as canvas and repetition of image as space in a more interesting way.

I have nothing else to talk about except for my art work these days.