31 March 2008

What I've become


I am glad I stopped chasing the fantasy. I hope everyone is as glad as I am for that. Someone great found me instead. It is like feeling as though I am on an opiate with heightened senses.
Encouraged ambitions. Silly faces. Balanced give and take. There in lies the formula for greatness.

29 March 2008

It is that facial expression...


I still do not do PDA no matter how much I like you. I haven't let my muscles relax for that long in quite some time. We both needed it. We will both be back to work this afternoon I'm sure.

28 March 2008

The "I" does not want.


My tent is pinned up by the water. Try not to run up the stairs in the rain. Be careful when rushing on cobblestone.

25 March 2008



These remedies are working.

17 March 2008

1 of the 10 Steps of growing older.


I would like no more surprise attacks by boys or UArts persons. Those relations are usually fine but unwanted on romantic levels. Sorry if you were led on. Sorry if you now think me selfish. I have recently recognized myself as a woman. I am humbled but refuse to settle. You need to know this.

I am 2 steps away from my submersion into the Italian culture. I fear that once I get there...I won't come back. I won't return mentally. Physically it will be a struggle.

14 March 2008



Thank you, Honey, for playing hot water bottle for me yesterday.

Having prominent eyebrows is an element of good face karma.

I am going back to digital. I am pretty excited. This will be updated so much more once I do.

12 March 2008

Self Preservation of a minimalist


Self preservation of a minimalist. Keep to yourself. Work hard but listen to your tunnel. It used to be a shell.