23 September 2008

Ain't got nothin' at all.

Noi ci siamo lasciati.

I am feeling as though every instance in my life is not of my doing. I feel as though people and things just happen to me and I am always here, left in a stable constant. I don't Really feel terrible about it but I'm certainly not thrilled. I wasn't completely excited and overjoyed when it started...it was just something else. It was and is just another experience to add to the numbing of my senses. Cold and Hard you may say. I am pounded in like a brick. I don't flinch. I have little to say. I am boring to myself. I am not sad. I am not happy. I am just working. I can't recall. The emotion's name is not important. I am doing it without guideline or premeditation. Whatever it is...it just happened to me.


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