01 May 2008

critique th


I am glad she kicks your ass. You know I won't. I just wanted you to join the fun. Someone else caught on. I guess your moon is sending you different tides. Unfortunate.

Ears are a popping. Forget about it. Call me out on it. If I complain...remind me why I did it. Do it. My biggest critics told me that creative persons just have to get the critics out of their heads in order to do anything. I hope they know I beat through this myself over this sophomore year. I deconstructed the world they created around me based off this idea. They just warranted everything I learned this year in one sentence. All the work I did means nothing against this realization. Funny, I knew it all already before I came here. I am ultimately just excited for the work to come. I get to do it on my terms without guilt or doubt. Why Bother? But then why not? Illusion. Seeing through the bull. To the honest flesh and minerals. Just a stuffed piece of fabric. Fibers. Ink. String. A message.

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